05 March 2019

Marketing Dashboards: The Most Critical Component of Every Marketer's Stack

Blog post written by Adverity.


As marketers, we have access to an unbelievable amount of data. We can learn about our customers, the market or discover a competitor's strategies. We can uncover audience’s needs or spot new market trends at the touch of a button too.

Yet, many of us still choose assumptions and gut feeling instead.

I think I can understand why. For one, collecting information may feel overwhelming. So is preparing it for the analysis. Using fragmented information and filling in the gaps with personal knowledge is so much easier, after all.

The problem? Doing so rarely provides enough insights to drive successful strategies in today's demanding markets.

But what’s the alternative? How can you bring all the information in one place fast? And have it ready for analysis even quicker?  

My recommendation - Start using marketing dashboards. They can help you gather, collect and analyze whatever data you need in one place, after all. And in the process, allow you to assess KPIs and other metrics effectively and regularly.

Because, whether you check a dashboard daily, weekly or monthly, it will always provide you with up-to-date information. And that’s without having to repopulate the data by hand first.

But the biggest benefit of marketing dashboards comes from two aspects - Data visualizations and custom views.

Dashboard visualize your data using graphs, charts, and other tools, making it easier to read. Since we process visual information faster, these allow you to track your progress quicker.

And custom dashboards let you bring data relating to a specific aspect of your work only. A high view dashboard, for example, would help report to the management by showing the highest-level metrics only. Internally, however, you could create granular views to break down specific campaigns and their outcomes.

But why bothering with creating dashboards? I’ll give you four reasons (but keep in mind that there are many more.)

1- Because dashboards give you complete visibility into your efforts, fast.

2 - With dashboards, you’ll know what’s going on with your campaigns at all times.

3 - Analyzing the data means understanding growth drivers better and identifying strategies you need to focus on more to succeed. Such insight, in turn, will help you to improve results continuously and reduce the uncertainty over your campaigns.

4 - Dashboards increase productivity and, as a result, help you reach business’ goals faster. With dashboards, you’re no longer wasting time copying the data to an Excel spreadsheet, after all. The most recent information awaits you every time you launch a dashboard.

All undeniable benefits, don’t you think? 

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