01 March 2019

What Are the Top Priorities for a Data-Driven Marketer Today?

Blog post written by Adverity.

Data has become the foundation for any successful marketing initiative already. I cannot imagine launching an advertising campaign, a content plan or even revising the pricing strategy without reviewing the available customer information first.

The above suggests that we’ve moved to data-driven marketing. And I’ve explained the challenges with adopting the data mindset here on Marketing Week already. I’ve also published advice on improving marketing campaigns with data and more.

But there is one more aspect of using data in modern marketing that needs clarification.

What a marketer who has already embraced the data should focus on in 2019? Which initiatives should she give attention to if she wants to take the data to a whole new level?

Here are the top three.

1 – Strengthen the alignment with sales, product, and other relevant departments.

And that’s for a single reason - To facilitate greater data exchange between departments. In doing so, you’ll acquire even more information allowing you to build a better customer view and improve their experience with the brand further.

2 – Review new technologies to create a better MarTech stack.

Did you know that the marketing technology landscape has increased by 27% in the last year alone? According to ChiefMarTec, the grand total of solutions available for us right now has reached seven thousand tools. To put it into perspective, that’s as many tools as those included in the landscapes from years 2011 to 2016 combined!

Now, I do not advocate trying them all, of course. Quite the contrary, in fact. I believe that any data-driven marketer should review new technologies. However, she should focus on improving the foundational tools at her disposal first. This involves marketing analytics platforms especially. Why? To streamline the process of consolidating, harmonizing and transforming the data further. Another critical category includes various dashboard tools that help visualize relevant information for faster analysis.

3 - Improve analytics processes to make data-driven decision-making more efficient.

Typically, driving marketing or sales decisions with the data requires two things.

The first one is a well-defined system to process the data fast. It can involve anything from accessing the information, transformation, harmonization, and output.

The other involves strategies to manage internal project stakeholders and move decision-making forward.

Both processes pose challenges, of course. To transform data fast, for example, a marketer must have a clear understanding of the information and a plan to consolidate file formats into one. Engaging project stakeholders requires part diplomacy and part strategic approach to get the necessary buy-in.

Luckily, both can be mastered and improved. Unfortunately, doing so demands constant work to streamline and ensure the processes runs smoothly. 

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