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28 April 2015
Gemini Search
Paidraic Carey, Consultant at Gemini Search talks about how the social and content market has changed, what agencies are now looking for in their social media candidates and the types of roles he recruits into the market.
27 April 2015
Increasing acceptance and expectations of digitalization at the POS

23 April 2015
Vertical Leap
Do you know which digital marketing channel brings you the best return on investment (ROI)? PPC must be the easiest to measure, because you can see exactly what you spend and exactly what sales happen as a result.

Not so fast, because PPC isn’t telling you the whole story....
21 April 2015
RETAIL consumers appreciate personalized ads at the right time!
Referring to our last blog post (http://goo.gl/42J883) and the mentioned importance of accompanying the consumer on the whole path of purchase, it is worthwhile to dive deeper into the challenge to individually and personally interact with your consumer cross-channel. As we...
With just one more day to go, have you prepared for Google's ‘Mobile-Friendly’ update? Due to take effect as of Tuesday, what exactly is a ‘mobile-friendly’ website and what does this mean for you?
16 April 2015
PPC is one of the most popular channels for customer acquisition but you'll reach a point where the cost outweighs ROI. So how do you get more customers?
15 April 2015
Find out how understanding your customer reviews can not only lead to greater sales, but better, targeted marketing. The result? Success.
15 April 2015
Gemini Search
Shopping for luxury fashion in London used to be quite a straight forward affair. Sloane or Bond? Harvey Nichols or Harrods? Fairly modest in comparison to say New York or Paris, where luxury had exploded all over the two cities and continues to grow to this day. In contrast, London...
15 April 2015
Interaction between your customers and company is called engagement. But what is it really? How can you build it and what can you use it for?
15 April 2015
Engagement with a company's email marketing is often spread out over a long period of time, multiple email sends, and lots of different messages. It's the collation of it all that can give marketers nightmares. When you've cracked it, though, you'll be able to see which aspects of an email...

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